How Oliver + Kit was born...

Projects.  Some people shudder at the word.  But, thanks to my mom, I always have several projects in the works.  Growing up, we did craft project, science projects, sewing projects, holiday projects, and volunteer projects together.  As I'm now an adult, we've extended our repertoire to more extensive types of projects like party planning and trip planning.  My mom taught me strong organizational skills, gave me a sharp design eye, and showed me how to see the big picture, as well as how to incorporate those special, unique details.  She taught me how to stick with things and see them through to the end and always, always give 100% effort.  Since we've worked together successfully for roughly thirty years, I think we make a pretty good team.

I'm a software developer by day, with several successful tech companies under my belt.  Now, I consult and largely focus on e-commerce and small business development.  I've spent years building up other people's businesses.  And I love it.  From writing their business plans, building their website, developing marketing plans, and even taking product photos, I enjoy working with entrepreneurs of every level who want to own their own business.  The only problem is, I sort of started to want to have my own small e-commerce business!

After I realized that I wanted to start selling something and that developing a brand was important to me, I naturally turned to my mom to see if she wanted to be my partner.  ogether we pored over product categories, looking for something that we were passionate about.  Something that would allow us to explore our creative sides and also let us build a unique brand and develop a small business together and ultimately have fun.  We were looking for a really big project.  A lifetime project.        

Dani, working on Oliver + Kit spreadsheets!



 We came up with the idea to make fun, colorful, quirky, and whimsical baby blankets.  Designing for babies and children is naturally fun, with all of the wonder of childhood wrapped up in a nutshell.  We felt like there weren't a lot of options for someone looking for something different, something really unique for their baby.  Something that would make them stand out.  So, we developed our own limited edition patterns.  

    Oh, yeah, working on O+K spreadsheets


 From that point on, we've worked through every stage: from developing the soft weave of the muslin, to creating the tag and packaging design (we used a lot of tape at first), to building our own website.  We've tested blankets for color-fastness and fading in our own washing machines with our own white sheets and towels, we've learned about imports, we've taken our own photos.  At every step of the way, we've learned together, worked ourselves to the bone together, and made decisions together.   And the result of this is Oliver + Kit.  Everything you see from our brand is, well, us.  Every detail, every stitch, every design is a real labor of love from our family to yours.  We hope you love it as much as we do.                                                               





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