Swaddle Like a Boss

Swaddling babies is a time honored tradition. A swaddled baby has that cozy feeling that he or she felt in their momma's womb. Swaddling in muslin allows your baby to rest comfortably since the blankets get softer with each and every wash.   Muslin's weave helps protect your baby from overheating because it is light and airy.  At Oliver + Kit, we care about the comfort of your little ones and offer our muslin swaddling blankets in a large 47 x 47 size to grow with them.  So, do you want to know how to "swaddle like a boss"?  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Lay your swaddling blanket out with one of the corners pointing up (diamond shape). Fold the top corner toward you, forming a triangle. How far down you fold the blanket is determined by your baby's length. 

2. Lay your child face up on the center of the blanket with his head just above the fold at the top of the triangle, and his shoulders below the fold.

3. Facing your child, bring the child's right arm with a slightly bent elbow against his body. Pick up the corner of the blanket from the same side and bring it across your child's body, then tuck it under the baby on the opposite side.

4. Bring the bottom point of the blanket up, allowing space for your baby's feet, knees, and hips to move.

5. Now bring your child's left arm with a slightly bent elbow against his body. Pick up the last corner of the blanket and bring it across your child's body and tuck it under the child on the opposite side to complete the swaddle.  Only your child's head and neck are left exposed.  

Swaddled babies should be placed on their backs to sleep.  Once your child can roll over to his stomach, it is time to stop swaddling and use your Oliver + Kit muslin blanket as a cover.

In no time, you will be swaddling your baby "like a boss"!

Happy swaddle + comfort, and love + baby!








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  • Cristiane

    He looks so alert & filled out for a 5 week piemere! Kudos to mom for trying the wagon shot, it is just adorable! And Dad just has to get the one on the desk big for his office! That would sure remind him of just why he works so hard, lol!

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