Organic Handcarved Wooden Koala Teether | Collab with Hew Woodworking - Oliver + Kit
Organic Handcarved Wooden Koala Teether | Collab with Hew Woodworking - Oliver + Kit
Organic Handcarved Wooden Koala Teether | Collab with Hew Woodworking - Oliver + Kit
Organic Handcarved Wooden Koala Teether | Collab with Hew Woodworking - Oliver + Kit

Organic Handcarved Wooden Koala Teether | Collab with Hew Woodworking

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Both babies and koalas love to chew on our teethers (that’s not true - just babies.) These adorable koalas make an eco-friendly, natural, organic baby gift that is heirloom quality. Our Teethers are handmade in Portland, Orgeon and feature soft, smooth curves for easy and safe grasping.

-100% Natural, Hard Maple
-Naturally Antimicrobial and non-toxic
-Safe for little hands and mouths
-Smooth satin finish surface
-Safe for any age
-Approximately 6” x ¾”

Our teethers are made with 100% domestic hard maple. Maple is a dense wood that is non-splintering and naturally antimicrobial, making it great for little mouths. Our teethers are sanded super smooth so they are ready to go. Our Koala teethers have perfectly-sized holes for little hands to grasp.

Feel free to stick your wooden teether in the fridge for an hour to create a cooling effect to help further sooth those little gums.

Our toys are hand-carved, not cut automatically, with a laser. They are limited run and make an heirloom quality gift that is perfectly suited for your little one to play with! Truly beautiful and unique, they look great sitting on a dresser, but are made to be played with for years and still look as beautiful as the day they were carved. Our toys meet all CPSC guidelines for safety and are made from the highest quality, all-natural, non-toxic materials.


•Where are the toys made?
Our toys are made right here in the United States. All of our toys are handmade in Portland, Oregon by Hew – a small woodworking studio.

All materials are grown or sourced domestically. Dowels, the only part Hew does not make themselves, is also sourced domestically.

•How are your toys made?
Each toy is handmade in small batches, all from Hard Maple. That means they are cut, sanded, and assembled by hand - an intensive process. We feel this responsible approach helps support small business and makes our toys last longer!

•Wood v Plastic?
Wood has some inherent sanitation advantages over the now ubiquitous plastic toy. In addition to being better for the environment overall (entire life cycle!) it is not as likely to harbor bacteria as plastic. As toys are used, small surface scratches may occur, you might even see them. Plastics are more easily scratched than wood and these scratches can harbor bacteria, as plastic is a non-porous material – meaning bacteria sits and festers in these grooves. Gross. Wood on the other hand is porous and allows for bacteria to dissipate, sink below the surface and die off naturally as the toy dries after cleaning. This creates a cleaner surface and healthier toy.

•How safe are your toys?
We do not use any stains, dyes, or finishes on our toys. Teethers are from domestic hard maple sanded silky smooth, making them safe for little mouths.

A 1993 study performed by Microbiologists Dean O. Cliver and Nese O. Ak of the Food Research Institute of the University of Wisoncsin at Madison contaminated wooden cutting boards and plastic cutting boards with seven strains of bacteria. The tests consistently demonstrated that wooden objects kill off bacteria better than plastic – which tends to harbor bacteria. When cutting boards were left overnight, wooden boards had no recoverable bacteria while the plastic boards had increased bacteria populations. 99.9% of bacteria were found to have died off within three (3) minutes of contamination with a wooden cutting board. This is partly due to the hygroscopic nature of wood and wood extractives. Since cutting boards undergo even more damage during regular use (grooves caused by knives) than teething causes we thought you’d be happy to read about their antimicrobial properties. These results have been corroborated through other studies comparing bacterial growth/survival on wood and plastics by Michigan State University, Laboratory of Hygiene Research at the Anhalt Univeristy in Bernburg, Germany, UC Davis, Milling et al of the BBA in Braunschweig, Germany, etc.

Our toys meet ASTM requirements and both Oliver + Kit and Hew, our toy maker, are registered with the CPSC as small batch manufacturers.

•Do you make custom toys?
Unfortunately we do not customize sizes or otherwise make custom toys.

•What finishes do you use?
None! We don’t use any finishes, dyes, paints, or stains on our teethers and our other toys are also unfinished and use 100% non-toxic milk paint for splashes of color. We don’t want your baby ingesting chemicals.

Teethers should not have any finishes applied to them, because your young child is still sensitive. We don’t recommend applying mineral oil on toys for children under 6 months of age. Other toys, while they come unfinished, you could apply flax seed oil, mineral oil, walnut oil, or oil/beeswax mixtures – all non-toxic food grade oils and wax. This will help add some additional moisture protection.

•How do I clean my toy?
Wooden toys are easy to take care of but a little different than plastic toys. Wooden toys can be wiped off with a dry cloth as needed to get rid of little smudges. If a more intensive clean is needed, warm-soapy water can be used, rinse off and dry immediately afterwards.

To sanitize your toys use a mix of white vinegar and water – we recommend a 1 to 5 vinegar to water ratio. You can wet the toy with the mixture, give it a minute and rinse off and let dry. You can also mix up a 50-50 mix and keep in a spray bottle – easy for on–the-go kiddos.

Never put your toy in the microwave or dishwasher. Like all woodenware never leave it to soak in water and dry off immediately after wetting. These steps will help prevent cracking due to heat and excessive moisture and extend the life of your toy!

•My toy got wet and is now “fuzzy”, what happened?
Our toys are all sanded to be smooth and our teethers are sanded to be especially smooth. As wood gets wet however it may “raise the grain” and alter the surface texture somewhat. This is in no way a safety issue. It can be remedied with a little 220 or higher grit sandpaper rubbed parallel to the grain direction. If you add a finish yourself this will also help limit the grain from rising and add additional protection.

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